the collaborative storytelling experiment
You may find it hard to believe, but the story you are about to hear is entirely true. It all began
on a bright Sunday morning with a hangover throbbing from ear to ear.
Cassidy, commonly referred to as "Cas", was laying face down in a mountain of Jelly Belly's.
But these weren't your typical Tic Tac sized Jellies. There was something special about these beans
. These beans had a neon glow to them, filled with the nuclear energy of a dying star.
Cas woke up and immediately started stuffing her face. She was too out of it to notice the glow.
That is, until she could see the glow emanating from within her. The nuclear energy was coming
from her butthole. She looked down and
felt the big black cock under her chin. She gasped in disbelief. How could this be happening?
Then the rooster began to speak: "Greetings. I am Sir Reginald Archibald III, but call me Archie."
Archi continued, "I'm hear to retrieve my queen's queens eggs." Cassidy looked lost, but tried to be